Interior design
  Natoma St. Offices

Adaptive reuse
  KTSF/TV Studios

San Francisco, CA

Our client, a New York investment firm, desired a dramatic yet minimalist environment. The existing building had brown painted masonry walls that did not fit the desired aesthetic. Since the walls extended through the exterior glazed wall to form an exterior balcony, it was not acceptable to simply paint them another color. To solve this problem, an inverted gypsum board "U" shell was hung off the walls and ceiling and masks the walls. This shell stops short of the floor and glazed wall so that its masking function reads clearly.

The conference room has an orange-dyed wood floor, sandblasted glass walls with a clear viewing strip and large number 5 (the floor number) and a luminous ceiling.

Four to eight mobile work surfaces can move anywhere along the wall opposite the conference room by sliding in horizontal slots built into the continuous cabinet. Data and electrical receptacles allow for plugging in at any location.

The bathroom walls are plastic with fiber-optic lighting that gives the rooms general illumination and a memorable impression.

Upstairs, a glazed penthouse with a city view and an exterior deck houses additional workstations.

Natoma Street Offices