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San Carlos, CA, 3400 sq. ft.

This residence is located on a hilly site in San Carlos with a dramatic 180 degree view that encompasses San Francisco to the north and the San Mateo Bridge to the east.

The residence is a two-story California ranch that had recently been remodeled but in a style that did not suit the new owners. Their tastes are quite refined and modern.

The project consists of remodeling two bathrooms and a kitchen that had just been redone, as well as a total demolition and redesign of the lower bedroom level.

The new bedroom level was conceived as a maple and black slate insertion in the white shell of the existing envelope. The new bedroom walls are clad in maple panels and have a system of integrated shelving and sliding glass doors. The walls do not reach to the ceiling but instead have a clear glass clerestory above the doors that emphasizes the floating quality of the new work. The bathroom at this level is a sculptural assemblage of forms constructed in black slate. The custom metal stair down to the bedroom level has a transparent quality, with cable railings, solid maple treads and a glass landing.

Flooring throughout the house is maple. The remodeled master bathroom is clad in limestone. All fixtures, hardware and fittings were selected for their clean and uncluttered design.
This project was featured on HGTV.

Buckland Avenue Residence