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Single Family Residence, San Francisco, CA

A four story residence that replaces a small rundown structure on a steep downsloping Noe Valley lot. The design combines clean and crisp contemporary design with a Finnish sensibility. Behind the modest exterior lies a dramatic interior space. It maximizes the sense of openness while featuring dramatic views of downtown San Francisco . A light and airy loft, balanced on two steel beams and accessible by a spiral stair, hovers above the main living space. It was intended as a quiet get away for the owners - two children later it seems destined to house toy trucks and other play things. The children's bedrooms combine sleeping areas and study spaces, each with wonderful views. The lowest level is designed as flexible space - a sliding panel can be closed so that it functions as a guest bedroom. An elevator will be added later in a shaft that connects all levels except the loft.

The original design was accepted by the neighbors and approved by the Planning Department staff. However it was rejected by the Planning Commission on the grounds that it would not fit into the neighborhood. There followed several design iterations in concert with the planning staff before it was finally approved. The residence as constructed has been enthusiastically welcomed in the neighborhood.

We also wanted to share with you just how many compliments we keep receiving on our house. It is becoming something of a landmark, with people stopping to stare, cars slowing down for a better look, and people constantly snapping pictures. Some even pluck up their courage to stop us in the street to compliment us on our house. Often, when I'm cooking at the stove, I see strangers looking up, waving tentatively. I keep thinking, if only they saw the back of the house!- which came out just as breathtaking, if not even more.

I hope you are having a good Sunday. We are just lazing about at home, watching the shifting fog patterns over the city.


House of Rex