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Single Family Residence & Artist Studio, The Sea Ranch, CA

This small, single-story 1950's pre-fabricated house and its detached garage needed some custom touches to suit the beauty of the landscape and the owner's vibrant personality.

Situated in a rural community on the coast of northern California, the trees and dramatic ocean views further guided the remodel.

In the house, a new dining room pops out from the original structure with grand views toward the ocean and intimate views toward the trees behind. New windows open the living room to ocean views. A front deck provides the final touch to reconnect the structure with its setting.

Inside, the spiral staircase leads to a bridge that frames the ocean view from the entry. One crosses the open living space from above to a loft peering out above the original structure. Exposed Douglas fir beams and cedar decking add warmth to the sleek presence of the metal bridge.

The loft addition is mimicked in the garage, which is now converted into part 2-car garage and part artist studio.

Despite stringent design regulations, a solution was developed that spoke to the community requirements, the natural beauty of the landscape, and a happy owner.

Sea Ranch Residence